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The Relationship Management System™ automates, standardizes, and streamlines the product setup process from point of sale through back office implementation, providing a full audit trail of the entire implementation process. FMR¡¯s Cash Management Product Setup and Implementation Tracking Platform provides functional support and application tools for Relationship Managers, Treasury Sales Officers, Product Managers, Implementation Managers, Implementation Specialists, Customer Service Representatives, Customer Service Managers, and Operational Personnel.

The FMR Product Setup and Implementation Tracking Platform is the most reliable and efficient way to manage the client on-boarding and implementation of your products and services for your customers. FMR's solution revolutionizes the product implementation setup process by providing Work Orders, Custom Intelligent Produc Setup Forms, Routine Maintenance Setup Forms, Workflow, SLA's, Document Preparation, Imaging Integration, Implementation Tracking, Audit Logging, and a Comprehensive Reporting Facility. The Product Fulfillment Module incorporates ¡®Intelligent Product Setup Forms¡¯, workflow, document management, tracking, full audit logs, and reporting.

"Intelligent Product Setup Forms" are used for the capture of product specific setup instructions and details for all your products and services. The forms utlize detailed business rules to ¡®morph¡¯, presenting the user with only the data fields the user needs to complete the setup. This approach minimizes data entry errors, reduces the physical amount of data entry necessary, and simplifies system navigation for the user. FMR provides comprehensive suites of setup forms for multiple lines of business, including Cash Management / Treasury Management, International, Commercial Card, and others.

FMR provides a comprehensive Document Management facility to allow for the creation of legal agreements, exhibits, and setup related documents. The Document Manager allows for dynamic data substitution into Microsoft Word document templates, based on the data content collected in the Intelligent Product Setup Forms. Additionally, documents provided by the customer can also be associated with the implementation via the FMR Document Manager, providing a complete electronic file folder.

FMR employs a comprehensive workflow facility to define the bank's unique business processes for each products implementation setup process. FMR supports the New, Change / Maintenace (including Add, Delete, and Changes), and Service Cancellation processes. FMR's workflow is unique in that it does not require programming in order to create or maintain workflows. FMR's workflow allows for the parallel processing, multiple dependencies, milestone tracking, and SLA generation.

Please see the Forms Automation page in the Consulting Services section to learn more about the automation of the product setup process.

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